Mascara Brows

Welcome! So lately, I’ve been switching up my usual brow routine and have incorporated mascara. Instead of using a separate product (and brush) to get a polished brow look, I’ve been swiping a coat of mascara on brows after coating my lashes. Not only does this save time and money, it also ensures I use up all of my mascara. Usually, when you dip your mascara brush into the tube and apply on lashes, there’s still excess product that has not totally been used up. Going over my brows in light strokes gets off residue missed from just applying to lashes. Now, this particular method works well for me because I have dark, black brow hair. For those of you with brunette or even blonde brow hairs, you would have to play around with different shades of mascara to ensure your brows don’t come off looking too harsh. Being in the age of beauty that we are in, you can find pretty much any color of mascara imaginable, even purple, so finding a shade that matches your coloring shouldn’t be too difficult. If you try this technique out, please let me know how it worked out  for you! Thanks for reading xx.

The picture on the left shows my brows with mascara, the picture on the right is my brows without any product on them.


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